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C ' E S T L A V I E
Why are there so many contradictions in your responses? It'll serve you will to be decided and make a plan. And consistency is important. It'll save you the trouble unless you are a teenager, but if you're older, get your house in order and stick to it. A man needs emotional and physical stability or else you're going to burn yourself out fam.
by Anonymous

Make a plan for what?! Lmao… G Im single. My lack of “consistency” is contingent on IF I want what requires consistency.

I think people forget that Im single by choice(s)… When I answer questions I come from an honest disposition that isn’t based upon a concrete biased standpoint against my vulnerabilities… Because Im human, and my heart isn’t a generic part of my development(s). Again I don’t stress about plans because I dont need any in that context/department right now! Lmao… Dont make laugh B.

In my opinion, it’s not a matter of IF, but of WHEN. And so when IF and WHEN needs to be a priority, they will be.

But for now, Im doing a lot of intrinsic searching, etc. and my answers come from there.

I’m not answering peoples questions for advice, or help… I CHOOSE to express my vulnerabilities as a way of relating to people and more so myself.

Hopefully this can help you to understand that at all times Im more consciously aware of myself than any one answer sealed away in time on my Tumblr thread, y’know?

(Plans for what?!)

Thanks for the care though!

Sex is fine, but love is better.
by Anonymous

LOVE trumps all… Sex is just a byproduct of care and affection… Sex has nothing to do with love.

How do you know when it's real?
by Anonymous

Both people will fight for it like theres no life after this one…

If you had a daughter, would you want them to date someone like you?
by Anonymous

Actually yes! Lol… By the time I have a daughter I’d have learned enough to give her the best advice that would make her the BEST woman she could ever be concerning choosing a man… Including the power she’s receive from her mother as far as being a woman. I’d be the best example of a man for my children so that they could be the best judge of characters. Trust me.

I already made that decision…

Im a catch as is… Just have some things to iron out… Its human… So ultimately, yeah… My daughter deserves that and more, tbh.

I hate when people ask this type of question with such a generalized contextual disposition, though…


I’m never gonna be who I was, because Ive never been that person… I make a concentrated effort to develop a humbled acceptance to my weaknesses enough to change ‘em… Although some people dont!

BUT I aint them… And they aint me.

So yes… Id rather my daughter date a guy like me because Id be able to identify old traits and behaviors of mine (if they be present)… And I can help her to learn how not to settle… And hopefully teach the young man why his errs aren’t advantageous in his endeavors to get to KNOW my daughter(s).

My standards are high as is… So by then, my daughters will have to request résumés from guys who want to make just a phone call! LBVS😤

Highlight of your week?
by Anonymous

I’m getting a raise? Lol &14.00/hr
Looking for jobs in a couple industries, some hopeful positions… East Coast, and overseas.

This guy I was talking to used to text me all the text and all of sudden he barely replies to my text, what is that all about. Have you ever done that? Why can't ppl just say they lost interest.
by Anonymous

Some situations are different… Have you asked him about his absence?

Do you have a portfolio ?
by Anonymous

Still working on it!

Are you in the creative industry?
by Anonymous

That’s where Id like my career to start and finish… I’m currently working on some things to give me some looks in the industry. Do you know anyone who might be able to help?