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C ' E S T L A V I E



eliminate the phrases

"there are no good black men"

"all the good black men are taken"

"black men aren’t attracted to a girl like me"

"there are more black men in jail than in college"

"the more educated i get the less likely i’ll find me a black man"

"i’m tired of black men. i’m going to…

same applies to black dudes who be like
"all black women are ghetto"
"I would never date a darkskin girl"
"I ain’t hood enough for a black girl"
or “black women aint shit” etc etc

Whats sad is that we’ve allowed this conversation to EVER be created! Its a damn shame…

What's the best relationship you've ever had? Why did it end? If not, how do you preserve it. I love the #itcouldbeusbutyouplaying post. I always tell my friends, you never let a good woman go. You won't find another.
by Anonymous

the best relationship i ever had was the one i was the worst in…

you preserve a good relationship by NEVER rushing to be with a person you have feelings for… let it develop. if the person can’t be your friend, and has to rush off to be with someone, regardless of you both knowing your attraction… 9/10x’s… thats the not the person you wanna be with anyway. 

i love a good woman, there are many… but there are many good men too, who get hurt by bad women, no justifications necessary. treat a person like you love them, and all else will make itself known, i know it sounds kinda vague, but thats only because it is… always say how you feel, no matter how you think it will hurt a persons security. better to be honest than silent and resentful, y’know? Sorry for the late response… I wanted to give the best answer possible without my own personal bias… hope this helps! ;0)